Thesis statement for compare and contrast essays

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A conclusion is then reached following analysis of the two subjects. Going to a movie theater is less private, which means you might be sitting with some loud talkers, but allows you to see new movies on a big screen with a sound system.

Compare & Contrast Thesis Statement Examples |

As with any essay type, it is important to begin your compare and contrast essay with a thesis statement- a statement that clearly states the main idea of your writing and outlines your most salient points. The example of a thesis statement could be as follows. Find a degree that fits your goals. In other words, its essential function is to summarize the main ideas of the paper in order to provide its readers with the understanding of the discussed topic.

You are using an outdated browser. Many people believe that cats are a better pet because they clean themselves, do not need to be taken out for walks, and are generally calmer than dogs.

Only members will be able to access the. I am a student. Preceding background material should logically lead up to the thesis, which then provides the reader with a revelation that is both reasonable and arguable. Be aware, too, of the placement of your different points.

Compare and Contrast Thesis Examples |

In winter, all you need to do is add more layers in order to stay warm. The examples will use a few different topics to help illustrate what kinds of things you might write a compare and contrast essay about. By assigning such essays, your instructors are encouraging you to make connections between texts or ideas, engage in critical thinking, and go beyond mere description or summary to generate interesting analysis: when you reflect on similarities and differences, you gain a deeper understanding of the items you are comparing, their relationship to each other, and what is most important about them.

For example, "Although the advantages of on-site college courses benefit students living on campus, online courses provide returning adult learners with more flexibility and cost savings. However, if you were writing a paper for a class on typesetting or on how illustrations are used to enhance novels, the typeface and presence or absence of illustrations might be absolutely critical to include in your final paper. Create chapters to group lesson within your course.

Name your Custom Course and add an optional description or learning objective. A graphic organizer like a Venn Diagram -- in which similarities are placed within the overlapping section of two circles and differences go in the outer sections -- is effective for analyzing the characteristics of the two types of learning.