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The main features of this disorder are behavior that is impulsive, dramatic, and often self-destructive; moods that are labile and reactive to life circumstances; interpersonal relationships that are stormy; and a sense of self-identity that is fragile and contradictory. Nevertheless, the observation that there existed a group of patients who appeared neurotic, but worsened with intensive psychotherapy, was a valid finding that outlived the misleading label attached to it.

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The personality of some one is who they are. Special issues published in Journal of Research in Personality. While this latter question can certainly be asked of any of the personality Axis II disorders, something about the borderline concept seems to have engendered the strongest controversy.

Psychologists that analyze personalities attempt to dissect why people behave differently to contrasting situations so much because how one individual behaves shy when they first encounter a stranger or when a few people are simply natural and funny and be themselves.... It is also the desire for knowing that has inspired humans to fabricate amazing stories of his descent....

While much of the driving force toward brief hospitalizations in all medical fields has been concern about rising medical costs, there has also been growing awareness of the deleterious rather than helpful effect of prolonged hospitalization of borderlines.

Free personality theories Essays and Papers

Patients served as their own controls pre- and post-treatment measures ; a separate control group of patients was not used. Different theories have different approaches. A certain degree of this is expected in adolescents and young adults in Western culture, but the borderline problem with identity, by definition, must go beyond the norm for this age group.

Lithium therapy has not proven valuable in treating BPD. How to Write a Research Paper on Personality. Thus, the predominance of psychoanalytic constructs as explanatory hypotheses of human health and illness has given way to a variety of biological-genetic models in the past decade. The aspects behind these theories make the most reliable sense as to why people commit the crimes that they do.... Initially it will discuss political philosophers, and how their beliefs could have shaped the political system today....

The difference between average and outstanding employees can often be solely personality related. Enter your login details below. Although there are undoubtedly some patients who benefit from a controlled hospital environment that prevents major self-destructiveness, the general experience has been that borderline patients continue their self-injurious behaviors in the hospital.

There is evidence that the diagnosis of psychopathy via the PCL-R predicts recidivism even after such variables as criminal history, previous conditional release violations, and relevant demographic characteristics have been controlled.