Do you get homework in college

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Other assignments include readings, especially for humanities classes, as well as worksheets and research assignments. I think it needs to be re-worded to acknowledge these problems. In some classes, participating in class helps boost my grade. Honestly it all depends on your major.

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To be objective, I will give the author credit in the sense that his or her school might have had these lax policies and that is the college world that person knows. You are asked to solve complex problems and analyze text deeply. Related Articles How Many Hours a Day Do You Have to Study for College Classes? Graduate with Zero Debt. In college, they just give you the homework that you need to do. Your college professors may very well test you on material from the assigned readings that was never discussed in class.

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In high school, you spend most of your day in classes. If you can get that understanding by reading the book, fine. You planned to spend all weekend studying for your chemistry test Monday and finishing that paper for English class.

I studied for big tests most of the time and occasionally for a quiz or two. Yes, there often is homework, just like in high school.

Honestly it all depends on your major. What will the students be like? What You Should Do When You Miss Class. Yes, you will and should have homework to include papers to write that will require research in many of your classes how many will depend on your academic discipline even if that homework is following your syllabus and reading ahead so that you will be familiar with the material to be covered in your next lecture in that subject..

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. For classes with labs, there is often a heavy workload. They can be long and tedious or short and simple, depending on the class.