Texting while driving argumentative essay

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The exanimation of articles from The New England Journal of Medicine, Tom and Ray Magliozzi and Patti Pena are all for getting rid of cell phone use while driving.... Cell Phones and Driving.

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Text message is a telecommunications device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are not in the same vicinity of each other to be heard directly. Today I would like to talk to you about the problems of drinking and driving, and why it is a concern for all of us. However, instead of helping the world, it actually furthered the dangers of human life to a... A large number of teenagers die while texting and driving at the same time.

I think driving while using cell phones should be banned because of the many car accidents they are causing, it is causing ones insurance to rise, and it is causing concerns to people health issues. The problem is that numerous people tend to do so at bad times. While this is not realistic to think any parent would encourage their teen to drink and drive, it is something that one might as well tell them if you permit these children to talk on a cell phone while driving.

The Solution to Texting and Driving. Typically, whenever and wherever, everyone is engaged in some form of technology, cell phones in particular. For years, we relied on a land line connection to house, office, stores, and phone booths to communicate with people.

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Her insurance is somehow significantly low... Are we really doing what is best or should we think before we please. There too many dangers that are associated with... Sometimes people feel that they must drink to have a good time but have no intention of driving.

Driving under the influence is one of the most dangerous situations you can put yourself or someone else into. The sensation of personal power is intoxicating.... The heartbreaking part is, every injury and lost life due to driving after drinking can be prevented....

Many times people use text messages to be sneaky. Teen Ink Book Previews.