Argumentative essay prompt

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Explain when you think kids are old enough to set their own bedtimes. Your principal is asking students to write an essay giving their opinion and reasons that there should or should not be school on Saturday mornings. Try to persuade your readers to accept your opinion. You have just found what you think will be a wonderful pet dog, cat, bird, dragon, tiger, rat.

Persuasive Essay Prompts

Write a composition urging them to choose the metric system. Your teachers has asked you and the other students in your class to write essays in which you explain your thoughts about this change in the legal driving age.

Pioneer is considering implementing this proposal. Convince the administration to select your choice. Your science project team must now select one of the measurement systems for use throughout the school year.

Persuasive Essay Prompts

Inventions are made to advance our society, but not all inventions ultimately have good effects. Your newspaper is offering a prize for the Best Relative of the Year.

Choose the one place where you would like to live and give reasons why you think it is the best. Your parents are considering doing what the doctor suggests. Remember that to convince the board members you will need to support your opinion with reasons and specific examples.

Decide which relative should win the prize. Your class has decided to stage a mock trial. Your school board has decided to institute a school uniform policy in order to cut down on these problems, based on the positive examples that they have seen at other schools.