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The applicant then completes an Applicant Profile. And a big congrats to the folks at the UCA! Way to go Harvard.

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While we believe in the ease of use that a consortium application provides, we certainly do not believe our members or applicants are at all "common. Among these colleges are: Brandeis University, University of Chicago, Colgate University, Cornell University, Duke University, Emerson College, Harvard College, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, Rice University, Tulane University, and Vanderbilt University.

Categories: College Admissions , The Application Tags: Common App Issues , Common Application Issues , Issues with Common App , Issues with Common Application , Universal College Application.. What kinds of research and input are used to inform the content and structure of the UCA i. After completing the initial Applicant Profile, the applicant will use the same interface to access and complete each and every form in the UCA.

Why has the UCA retained this option? We pointed these mistakes out one by one and we even went so far as to question whether or not The Common Application was potentially restraining fair trade by financially penalizing universities that did not subscribe exclusively to The Common Application.

No sweeping changes are made without the input of our clients so that we do not deliver anything that is not needed or not wanted, like the removal of essay topics or uploads. As you may recall, the Common Application had a disastrous year and in spite of the Common App.

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Essays, supplements, recommendations, and school reports can be designated as required , optional , or not required , and that decision and other similar decisions are made by each individual institution. What is the Universal College Application UCA? We at Ivy Coach salute them for this bold move. Categories: The Application Tags: College Application , Universal College App , Universal College App Is Live , Universal College Application , University Application Rice, American, and Vanderbilt have joined the Universal College Application and Ivy Coach salutes them for it!

The applicant will then complete the UCA application and, if applicable, one or more college-specific supplements. A big congratulations to our friends at the Universal College Application! Briefly describe the application process students can expect when using the UCA.

Experiencing Common Application issues this year? The Universal College Application is a one-to-many online admission application a "consortium" application, as we call it for prospective first-year and transfer college students. So we decided that it should also be the only essay topic on the UCA.