Findings and analysis dissertation example

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What are the essential points that emerge after the analysis of your data? In discussing your data, you will need to demonstrate a capacity to identify trends, patterns and themes within the data.

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It is important that you use methods appropriate both to the type of data collected and the aims of your research. If data is relevant but hard to organise within the text, you might want to move it to an appendix. The researcher should properly document the various types of data qualitative, quantitative and the relevant approach, tools and conclusion that a researcher has drawn form the data.

ABANG ASHU on Understanding the difference between a thesis and a dissertation. Irrelevant data will indicate a lack of focus and incoherence of thought. How does this relate to your own findings?

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It is important to note that the aim of research utilising a qualitative approach is not to generate statistically representative or valid findings, but to uncover deeper, transferable knowledge. Lets us see what does in to writing a good analysis chapter. This lies at the very heart of higher academia. Important points you cannot afford to oversee in your dissertation.

If you are using interviews, make sure to include representative quotes to in your discussion. It is very important that you show this link clearly and explicitly. An overview consisting a brief about the purpose of the study how the research was conducted, and description of the data types, data collection instruments used and any assumptions made during the study.